Elbow : Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s Elbow

Don’t let the pain of golfer’s elbow keep you off of the course or court. With the right amount of rest and treatment, you should be back to your favorite activities soon.

Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis is an inflammation of the bony bump on the inner side of the elbow. This may cause pain, affecting your ability to bend your fingers and wrist.

How does Golfer’s Elbow occur?
Golfer’s elbow typically occurs from the overuse and, as the name implies, it is a common injury for people who golf. However, tennis players and others who repeatedly use their wrists or clench their fingers can also develop this painful elbow affliction.


  • Pain in the elbow on the side closest to your body.
  • The pain may run along the entire inner side of your forearm when your wrist is bent.
  • You may have pain when making a fist.

Potential Treatments

  • Apply ice to your elbow every three to four hours, for 20 to 30 minutes, for a duration of two or three days or until the pain goes away.
  • If your elbow is swollen, you should elevate it to help reduce or minimize the swelling.
  • Your healthcare provider may decide to prescribe a tennis elbow strap for you to wear just below the tender spot on your elbow.
  • Your healthcare provider may recommend that you take an anti-inflammatory or additional pain medication.
  • Your healthcare provider may decide that a shot of corticosteroid medicine is necessary to reduce inflammation and will discuss this treatment option with you.
  • Rehabilitation exercises that are designed to rebuild strength and lessen pain.

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