Knee : Meniscus Tear

Tearing your Meniscus

Being an athlete is very rewarding, but it is hard work and can be tough on your body, especially on your knees.

One of the potential injuries sports enthusiasts face is a tear of the meniscus.

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage in the middle of your knee that provides cushion for regular movement. Cartilage is tough, smooth, rubber tissue that lines and cushions the surface of the joints.

If you endure this sort of injury to your knee, it can cause knee pain and limit motion.

How does a Meniscal Tear occur?
A meniscal tear can occur during activities that cause a forceful twist or rotation of the knee. These injuries are seen most often in those who play football, basketball, soccer, or tennis, due to sudden pivoting and deep squatting that is typically seen in these sports.


  • You may have pain in your knee joint
  • You have immediate swelling with fluid on the joint, called effusion.
  • You can’t fully bend or straighten your leg.
  • Your knee locks or gets stuck in one place.
  • You hear a snap or pop at the time of the injury.

Potential Treatments:

  • Apply ice to the painful area.
  • Keep your knee elevated whenever possible by placing a pillow underneath it until the swelling goes away.
  • Your healthcare provider may recommend that you take an anti-inflammatory or additional pain medication.
  • Arthroscopic surgery may be needed to repair or remove torn cartilage.

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